A prototype using the Marvel Comics API.

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What it does: I am a comic book fan so when I realized Marvel had a Marvel Comics API, I had to try it out. The prototype I built allows you to view lists of comics released last week, this week, and next week and view details of the comics and other associated items like the creators, series, stories, characters, events, etc.

New Comics List screenshot Comic Detail screenshot Character Detail screenshot Creator Detail screenshot Series Detail screenshot Image Detail screenshot

How it works: The project Djano only to serve the default html container. The rest of the functionality is implemented with AngularJS, Angular Material, and Marvel's public Marvel Comics API. After a quick prototype of a couple pages, I spent most of the development time refactoring all reused functionality into Angular Directives and the remaining time adjusting layout so that the site looks "good enough" on my laptop, my desktop, and my phone.

What is next:


March 2016: Deployed initial version of the project. Login required to view project. View list of comics released this week, last week, and next week. View details for Comics, Characters, Creators, Events, Series, Collections, and Stories.