This site exists purely as my web development playground.

Software Engineering for Fun and Profit is great but the "For Profit" part usually overshadows the "For Fun" development. I set up this site so that I can have a place For Fun. A place to test new 3rd party APIs and services. A place to test libraries, frameworks, methodologies, interactions. A place to test small units of code without having to worry about how it interacts with existing code or how it will affect (or produce) profits.

My name is Shannon J Hager. I am a Senior Software Engineer with nearly two decades of experience as a web developer. I've used a wide range of technologies for projects both huge and tiny at huge multinational conglomerates, for startups, and everywhere in between.

My resume is available on request. [Spoiler Alert] It has contains the details of my professional work history including, but not limited to, development using Scrum, AngularJS, D3.js, HTML5, Material Design, REST (and REST-ish) APIs, mobile web development, Python, Django, C#, .NET, Java, MS SQL Server, PostreSQL, and a lot of things I will probably never touch again like Flash, Silverlight, MS Access, and ColdFusion.

Prototypes are fun. I consider everything on this site to be a prototype. Maybe it will turn into something "real" later. Maybe some bits of knowledge learned from the process will be used. Maybe too many people will hit a page in a day and my API key will exceed the rate limits so things will completely fail to work. That's fine... this is just for fun, right? The current prototypes on this site are:

Visiony The Visiony project was created shortly after the Google Cloud Vision API was opened to the public. I created the web app using Python and DJango templates, deployed to Microsoft Azure, with as little front-end work as possible: minimal CSS and almost no JavaScript. The goals of the project were testing the API, learning how to deploy a Django project to Azure using git, setting up Django authentication, and using Django's default Sqlite3 database. You can view more details about the Vision project.

Marvin This project is not affiliated with Marvel Comics other than using their public API for all data. It is a Single Page App using AngularJS, Material Design (ngmaterial), and my normal front-end toolchain of Bower, Grunt, Sass, JSHint, etc. You can view more details about the Marvel project.

More to come...